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The 23rd March 2022 marks 2 years since our first lock down in the UK. I remember it well. A week or so before we started to work from home and a few days before then I had seen live music. Here we are in 2022 and we are now learning to live with coronavirus.... Continue Reading →

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What counts for the kids?

Children’s confidence, competence and feeling that they matter, counts. It really counts. I’ve been heartbroken with my son asking me why he is stupid or dumb and even in the darkest times asking me how to die because he thought he was garbage. Talking about our kids’ mental health counts, right? It really counts. So... Continue Reading →

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Workplace inclusion for non-parents

Many years ago I sat with a dear friend who had endured a decade of unsuccessful IVF treatment in the hope of becoming a parent. It was uncomfortable and tear inducing to sit and listen to her grief and pain. I felt guilty for becoming a single parent with such relative ease. I heard her... Continue Reading →

Munich musings

It can take a different place, with a different pace, with a different perspective to see things in a new way. Above the lakes - Walchensee When restrictions to visit Europe lifted, I turned to my boy and asked, “Where should we go for Easter in Europe”. He replied, Germany. He has a love for history,... Continue Reading →

Chasing Rays

As my sister and I sat facing into another London winter of uncertainty we took a deep breath and clicked the ‘Book Now’ button to escape for a much-needed vacation with guaranteed sun. It was my first ‘all inclusive’ holiday and there was so much we learnt about this vacation model and other life matters.... Continue Reading →

GREAT for me

When I hit the snooze button at 7am on Saturday morning I hear my sister's question inside my head "why do you do this?" After a long week of work I find myself lying in bed with one eye open asking myself the same question. But getting up and heading off to volunteer at the... Continue Reading →

The Need for Speed

What do you do when the dolphin and whale watching speed boat trip is cancelled? I like to plan activities, so when another tour was cancelled I sat down with a coffee, listened to the sea, looked at the sky and started again. Madeira offered so many options, it was easy to flex. Botanical Gardens... Continue Reading →

The March to Madeira

Planning holidays is always part of the build up to the adventure. I like to jot down trip ideas and to read through travel magazines and guidebooks. Old school! The recording of my holidays was encouraged by a former work colleague and the main reason I started this blog. How odd it was to start... Continue Reading →

Hybridding – Part Three

New horizons and new places to explore really has helped my ability to re-energise. After this realisation and the experiment to work from a new location, Kings Lynn, I knew that this had to be built into my life somehow to survive hybridding. New views, new ways of being feels essential to my ongoing wellbeing... Continue Reading →

Hybridding – Part Two

Remote working has contributed to my feelings of loosing connections, feeling isolated and lonely. It has been really tricky to start a new role this way and I find that the rapport building with colleagues is harder in our screen-based world. I miss the spontaneity of the human connections that can occur from the walk... Continue Reading →

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