Chasing Rays

As my sister and I sat facing into another London winter of uncertainty we took a deep breath and clicked the ‘Book Now’ button to escape for a much-needed vacation with guaranteed sun. It was my first ‘all inclusive’ holiday and there was so much we learnt about this vacation model and other life matters.... Continue Reading →

GREAT for me

When I hit the snooze button at 7am on Saturday morning I hear my sister's question inside my head "why do you do this?" After a long week of work I find myself lying in bed with one eye open asking myself the same question. But getting up and heading off to volunteer at the... Continue Reading →

The Need for Speed

What do you do when the dolphin and whale watching speed boat trip is cancelled? I like to plan activities, so when another tour was cancelled I sat down with a coffee, listened to the sea, looked at the sky and started again. Madeira offered so many options, it was easy to flex. Botanical Gardens... Continue Reading →

The March to Madeira

Planning holidays is always part of the build up to the adventure. I like to jot down trip ideas and to read through travel magazines and guidebooks. Old school! The recording of my holidays was encouraged by a former work colleague and the main reason I started this blog. How odd it was to start... Continue Reading →

Hybridding – Part Three

New horizons and new places to explore really has helped my ability to re-energise. After this realisation and the experiment to work from a new location, Kings Lynn, I knew that this had to be built into my life somehow to survive hybridding. New views, new ways of being feels essential to my ongoing wellbeing... Continue Reading →

Hybridding – Part Two

Remote working has contributed to my feelings of loosing connections, feeling isolated and lonely. It has been really tricky to start a new role this way and I find that the rapport building with colleagues is harder in our screen-based world. I miss the spontaneity of the human connections that can occur from the walk... Continue Reading →

Hybridding – Part One

Let’s make this the word of 2021. All the articles I have been reading talk about hybrid working. I’ve not felt comfortable with this term. I have spent a bit of time thinking it through, wondering what it means for me – now and into the future. I realised that all areas of our lives... Continue Reading →

Six foot and still skipping For half term I had arranged a short break out of London to see the sea. When I announced to my boy what we would be doing I got nothing but grumpy resistance. Resistance from a teenager is not new. However, his reason for not wanting to travel was because... Continue Reading →

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